Patricia's vision:

"Animal Lovers' Project"

Endless possibilities:

Dedicated to Patrica Michel's children Steve Scott, Maria Kristina Alexandra Scott (residing in Heaven) and Patricia’s grandchildren Joe Scott, Maria Kristina Scott, Monica Moon and Patricia's nephew Wesley (residing in Heaven), Sheila Gayle (one of her besties) and June Haskin (residing in Heaven).

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Patricia in Hawaii, July 2022

Jacqueline Chan joined us live 06-27-2022, while driving.

Her book 

"Regenerate Your Brain" 

is available here.

I have a two categories of intuitions that I want to challenge:

One category is your intuition about consciousness and then intuition that occur in other areas that are in our lives that strongly influence for inform our intuition.


He is with you always, night and day.

He always has miracles to show you.

Look and see ❤️

I’ll be there with you will share with each other. 

This is not my show, this is everybody show to just enjoy each other share the love, the miracles and just each other and help each other get through day today. 

If you don’t think you can call us of course you can just tap into love.

Thich Nhat Hanh: 


The Power of Quiet in a World Full of Noise

Celebration Of Life

My birthday 🎉 birthday Cake yum, friends, balloon’s love 💗 

And Most of all love from family and friends.

🥰 🥰 🌹🌻 🛩 ✈️ 💥 💥 😊