Gratitude ❤️

In loving memory – June Haskin,

Patricia's Sister

June was a very loving all inclusive person.

She gave so much to everybody. She sowed a lot for everybody and gave them gifts. I have many of them. And I love them all.

She was brilliant, she started her own equipment stores; she had them all over the country. June was an amazing boss and when she needed something done she said it like it was she wanted to hear the truth and she would deal with it.

It says a lot about her that she never fired any of her employees; she just got them to look at something in a different way they might not have looked at.

What made her so successful is her love, her kindness, and her compassion.

She knew that the meaning of words was less important than how the person made you feel.

Thank you June ❤️🙏🏼
Your sister Patricia

May God the Father, who made us, bless us.

May God the Son, who redeemed us, send healing into our midst.

May God the Holy Spirit, who gives us life, move within us.

May God give us eyes to see to God, ears to hear God, and hands to bring God’s work into the world.

May we walk with God and preach the word of God to all.

May the angel of peace watch over us and lead us at last by God's grace to the eternal Kingdom.

- Prayer of St. Dominic

June's husband and her family.
The only one who’s not there but he is in a spirit is Wes her son who died at age 20.