I AM 06-07-2022


It is easy to have ideas… that’s the domain of the mind.

Yes, Gratitude for the Peace here and now.

The peace that the mind cannot understand;

the peace that the mind is even resenting out of fear to disappear.

“Me” is the person we believe ourself to be.

“Me” lives only in thought and muscle-memory.

I AM… is fresh.

I AM is neither a pleasure nor an excitement.

The presence of I AM is subtle,

mind calls it boring and rushes along to the next busyness.

I AM is the one aware of depression and elation.

Feelings come and go, like the weather…

What do I really want?

The world is misguided and confused, trying to find happiness in pleasure

(in fleeting circumstances).

The real happiness is to be found in peace – here and now, independent of circumstances, independent of thoughts and feelings.

I AM is Peace, Love, Beauty.